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March 21st, 2011, 22:49
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Consider that all game should match your own skill level because most game do, is quite a casual player attitude I wouldn't expect from someone like txa beta testing games like Avernum, particularly when last game he beta tested had its difficulty level lowered at normal level.
I guess I need to address this …

It isn't just about the difficulty level. Vogel has tried very hard to work on the *balance* of difficulty his games, because he was getting loads of complaints that folks couldn't get very far even on 'Easy' mode, and that fights he thought were winnable in a single shot on 'Normal' were stumping a wide percentage of his audience … and another chunk of the audience said the games were too easy. In other words - the games were too hard, but even worse they were not balanced well to the potential of players to make uber-characters or gimped-characters.

And his beta testers, being all experienced folks, were very used to the normal buff, prep, combat, potions, heal, etc tactics we all take for granted. He has been very explicit in saying things like 'if any of your party die fighting X, let me know'.

My biggest issue in Dragon Age 2 isn't the difficulty decrease - I understand why folks do that and it actually often makes sense as noted above. It is that the entire game is a massive 'trash mob'. Heck, at one point you are fighting a dragon (OMG spoilerz plz!) and even THAT fight ends up as a trash mob attrition battle! That approach removes any personality to the fights …
-- Mike
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