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March 21st, 2011, 22:14
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My biggest issue in Dragon Age 2 isn't the difficulty decrease - I understand why folks do that and it actually often makes sense as noted above. It is that the entire game is a massive 'trash mob'. Heck, at one point you are fighting a dragon (OMG spoilerz plz!) and even THAT fight ends up as a trash mob attrition battle! That approach removes any personality to the fights …

Funny enough, the battles which are the most fun are usually ones with smaller enemy counts like the templars in the chantry during Anders' first companion mission. My party in a room taking on a few templar assassins and a commanders is fun stuff. When the game puts you up against 10 archers only to spawn another 10 archers halfway through it just drives you up the wall, and on hard mode it can easily kill you even if you had a good strategy going. All it takes is a couple of archers concentrating on your mage to kill him/her in seconds.
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