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March 22nd, 2011, 04:29
What to say that I imagine tactics and differences between fights? It's quite more probable that you don't see all the possibilities. Notice something that doesn't exist is big, not notice something is happening constantly.

For a wall of archer send a warrior against them, retreat the mage after one or two area damage spells if you have any, and use the numerous mage possibilities to slow down close fighters. There's plenty different possibilities depending of your team and talents of each member.

I don't understand the complain about dragon being trash mob, it's about some of the few dragons that spawn to you small pack of small dragons? For me it made quite more fun those fights and it's a typical example of waves you can expect and prepare. If it's about the other dragons being simple tough opponent well those of DAO has nothing better about that, both are ok fights for a change.

The assassins enemies are a good example how they can generate much more diversity than rough equivalents in DAO. In one fight there was only two strong assassin and it was hugely fun and quite rude (at hard). You have again various way to manage it, like the paralyze rune, or gravitic ring is very efficient too, or wait more time before to use all spell that can immobilize an assassin before he use again sneaking or evade. Have your rogues sneak during assassin invisibility, and many more. And it's not about just casting the stronger spell or attack available but use them at right time can make a huge difference.

Another good example are also some category of mages allowing much better to manage them tactically. Instead of have them just throwing a mass of spell some alternate standard phase, immunity, and preparation of different dangerous spells, some are an immediate explosion, some a delayed explosion but with slow down effect before, some just a huge attack. This slow pattern is great to manage it tactically and again there's different way to do it.

And again the waves aren't just trash mob to make you busy, there are pattern of functionalities of the various pattern. But really it's pointless to debate about that if you don't like dig fights up to support play the whole game or a large part of it at a too low difficulty level.

One point I really appreciate in DA2 fights and improved when compared to DAO is that often it's not just about having the whole team attack one opponent. Because of the much better balanced classes there's often many different choices working quite better. Another point I also appreciate is that DA2 fights highlight much better positioning of each member, there's much cases of applying good positioning than in DAO.

And as I already mentioned the new balances are much better, between classes, but also potions use that was too easy to abuse in DAO, and mana/endurance usage, that in DAO had a tendency of quick exhausting pushing you to another abuse of potions, this time mana/endurance potions.

EDIT: One more quite great improvement in DA2, DAO had some control spells taking some time to cast and despite the slower speed of DAO this was reducting a lot their use because of the time delay. In DA2 most if not all of those spells have an immediate effect and the casting length is after the effect. The result is despite the higher speed you have much more control and precision about casting those spells and the consequence is that it offers more tactical possibilities.
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