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March 22nd, 2011, 12:29
Well, I played DF, Redguard, MW, and Oblivion. Daggerfall made me a TES fan, but I agree with the majority that MW was the highlight so far. It did have its shortcomings in many ways, but to me "the sum of its parts" was a really great experience. Not to mention the hours of fun I had while modding it.
While I was well entertained by Oblivion, it didn't even come close to fascinate me as much as Morrowind did (and hyped as I was, that means it failed my expectations by a wide margin). The handholding got in the way first, and the lack of a meaningful development of the lore and the ultimate blandness of the version of Cyrodiil that was presented here did not allow me to oversee the flaws as much as I did with Morrowind. Interestingly, the level scaling was only a minor grievance for me.
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