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March 22nd, 2011, 14:25
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
'Trash Mob' in general means that rather than a 5 minute battle with a FEW challenging enemies who make you use strategy and tactics based on strengths and weaknesses, you are in a 5 minute battle facing a large amount of weak enemies who force you to assess the threats based on their ability to wear you down.
I think it's the lack of variety that's the issue, there's a tactical depth to the attrition / trash mob / number of weak enemies thing that does require different management (particularly with a rogue, they've got bugger all crowd control ability and can get quite damaged by a few weak archers). It's the fact that the battles are mostly so dominated by trash mobs that spoils it a bit, there's too few fights that are really about one or two hugely significant opponents that you have to weaken and keep people out of the way of.

I certainly haven't found it uninteresting tactically though, especially with a rogue. The need to manage aggro I've found is much, much more significant this game, rogues and mages die very easily but are the serious damage dealers and on the higher difficulty levels I have found it needs a bit of management to make sure that everything keeps ticking over without anyone dying half way through.

I've found that the force thing is quite an issue for rogues and mages as well, they just don't have the fortitude and it can cause issues very quickly if they're not being managed well.

Anyway, sure I'm just going to get dismissed as a die hard dragon age fanboy. I don't think it's really a step back tactically though, it's just different. DAO needed more use of weakening abilities / buffs / good positioning of mages spells. DA2 needs more use of aggro management / application of force / management of cooldowns & potions / crowd control.
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