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March 22nd, 2011, 21:42
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
As for the rival stuff, Merrill rival is the best conclusion to her quest, if you don't like what she become, don't be her friends. Logic!
Woo why this tendency to throw spoil for DA2? Is it because anyway the game is crap so it's not important to spoil it? I have zero clue about what you are mentioning, but well with Anders giving me a clue too, I suspect you just spoil me a mid surprise. For now I know Merrill is taking risk but I'm at her side ready to help, and she is sort of wife, and I'm faithful in her. Ha well bad ending are always the best ending so I won't lost all.

The multiple little quests bugs of chapter 3 and this awful bug with two companions is really terrible details, that should be fixed asap but will need month to be be fixed. I wonder if Mac saves are totally identical to PC saves.
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