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March 23rd, 2011, 00:20
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
Hmm, did you go to the Arishok instead of helping her get the relic? I lost her when I did that.
I'm not sure what you mean. You can go talk to Arishok before you retrieve relics? In my 1st playthrough, I told Isabela that we will retrieve relics to return it to Arishok. She didn't like it at all, but she still came back to save my ass later. In my 2nd playthrough, I told Isabela that I will get relics back to save Isabela's ass from Castillon. She was really happy and that's when "Questioning belief" quest poped up but I couldn't finish it since Isabela grabed relic and never came back. I guess I was just wee bit short on friendship point there. Damn.

By the way, the savegame import thing actually does have an impact. For example, Alistair can not only be met as King Alistair, he can also be met as a drunkard in the Hanged Man if you picked Loghain and let Alistair live.
That's awesome :O

In my 1st playthrough, I imported my old game (Alistair is king, my Warden is a queen, killed Architect). When I met Alistair, he was making fun of my Warden saying "just because she killed Archdemon, doens't mean I'm scared of her". When I forgot to import game in my 2nd playthrough (used default setting; Alistair is king, warden killed archdemon, didn't play Awakening) Nathaniel didn't show up at all. So disappointed =\

Sebastien was a massive letdown after the golem from DAO. Him and Aveline are really dull characters.
I didn't find Aveline dull at all. I absolutely loved her. That quest where you try to get Aveline and Donnic together was absolutely hilarious.

About romance:

I did friendship romance with Anders and looked up youtube video for rival romance with Anders. Not much difference at the end. You just get few different dialogues. At least with Anders anyway. I just don't like getting on bad side of anyone (all except for Merrill). Even though Fenris hates mages guts (and I'm the one) and I supported/romanced Anders in all mage quests, I managed to get almost max friendship with Fenris. w00t. It's really about knowing their personality and picking right party combination to get max friendship points. For me, only time I took Fenris and Anders together was when I'm doing Merrill quests. I insult her outright, and both Anders and Fenris are happy.
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