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March 23rd, 2011, 13:22
Originally Posted by Dasale View Post
Yes says that Merrill rival is the best ending for her is an awful spoil for me, it means Merrill friend will end bad, that let her try achieve her goal will end bad, and so on. It's really an awful spoil but it's ok I totally understand it can slip through.
You misunderstood something, it's the best ending to me, not necessarily for her (doesn't mean it's a bad ending either).

Originally Posted by Dasale View Post
For the bugs, well I didn't quoted that many, in chapter 3 a series of quest end with a dialog chaining with another quest, and the series of quest keep unfinished in diary, and next quest seems not available apart if the location mentioned in the dialog is wrong, this quest isn't anywhere diary, map, so I suspect I got something broken and quite important. I also got a quest finished and concluded and still in active quests of the diary. But also the companion bugs for Isabella and Sebastian is a quite ugly bug.
The "Who need Rescuing?" in chapter 3 doesn't trigger (bug on all platform). That's like the only bug I have, because everybody have it…
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