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March 23rd, 2011, 22:35
Originally Posted by curious View Post
also just because it has guns in it doesn't mean you have to use them.
You pretty much do, though. Not personally, but having them in your troop is a good idea. They're too powerful to ignore, and it's not like you can avoid gun-wielding opponents. Even bandits have them.

Originally Posted by curious View Post
lack of enthusiam is fine towards the larger devs but failing to stand beyond the smaller indie devs despite their flaws will most assureadly lead to you being stuck with al EA games.
Man I love TaleWorlds and like with many indies have a stack of articles published on GB for their titles, but they don't get a free ride. WF&S - based on a short demo - underwhelms, and I'm not going to tell people otherwise.

I enjoyed the heck out of M&B but like I said, if you're not a hardcore fan I don't see the draw. There's too little new stuff. The whole process of levelling up, recruiting an army, fulfilling quests is way too similar. The engine could see better use, as suggested in this thread.
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