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March 24th, 2011, 13:26
Originally Posted by KasperFauerby View Post
Guys - try reading the news post before throwing a fit

The actual word "port" is never mentioned in relation to Deus Ex - "pc version" is a better term.

Frankly I don't think many of you have any idea what so ever about how games are made, or what it actually means to have an external team working on a "pc version".

In itself it *does not affect* the actual game or content (graphics, levels etc). It's just very practical to have an external team doing all the compatibility work. Making sure the game runs well on all the different types of hardware out there. It especially makes a lot of sense when that company has a lot of experience doing exactly this work! Not all game companies can justify having many pc experts on their teams, since that expertise is only really needed for a relatively short time near the end of a project. The majority of game development is platform independent work.
Are you saying you know for a fact what happens inside this studio?

Are you offering up a guarentee that they're presenting development of this "PC version" in 100% true and authentic style?

Have you ever experienced a developer who, during interviews, downplayed the disadvantage of having another team at another location developing the game for another platform? Have you ever known a developer to ever downplay anything like that in public - so that people wouldn't respond negatively?

I'd suggest that before you pretend to know everything about what ACTUALLY happens behind the scenes, you consider that what some of us are saying - is that it's a worrying sign to not have the main team be behind the ACTUAL development of the PC version.

We can't know exactly what they're doing - which is why, so far, most of us are just WORRIED about what it means.

But naturally, if you're privvy to some kind of inside information that will guarentee that no compromises were made for the PC version, it would go a long way to alleviate my worry.




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