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March 26th, 2011, 09:20
Ha ok thanks for the precisions, I don't think there's really opportunity in chapter 3, it isn't well written, there's no interesting choices ie none that make you hesitate. The only possible choices that can make you hesitate are choices the game push you to make long before and it's too late to change in chapter 3.

From what I have played of it, this chapter 3 is the weak chapter. It was missing a main quest in chapter 1 but a least the discovering of the new structure and a sort of strange freedom had good points. The chapter 2 is the more interesting. But the chapter 3 is just a global failure, too bad. Even the fights are less interesting, I think it's a problem of game length vs combat diversity on whole game. But also I suspect fights designers of chapter 3 wasn't those of chapter 1.
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