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March 27th, 2011, 12:18
Yes chapter 2 is from far the best and I don't think the reason is more than 2/3 great quests plus few somehow linear parts and a transition between chapter 1 and 2 which is quite well done unlike the one from 2 to 3.

But I'm replaying now the game and I'm quite surprised how fun it is to replay, at least the chapter 1. Knowing what will happen later add some salt to some quests or companions. I was also surprised to discover few new mildly hidden places, and few new quests.

Also it refresh the game to exchange Merrill+Fenris+Varric+Carver with Bethena+Isabella+Aveline+Later Anders and perhaps Sebastian if I don't succeed keep Isabella.

I hadn't used Isabella much in my first play so it's only now I realize she is a sort of Oghren with a Shift la Morrigan. For now I appreciate her a lot. Well I appreciate a lot too Merrill+Fenris+Varric during chapter 1.

The only point a bit strange for now during this replay is the close range rogues. I almost didn't used any in my first play and now is using two, my character and Isabella. For sure controlling close range rogues gives a little a feeling of more an action game with ton of pauses (and then not really an action game in fact because of the number of pauses).
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