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March 28th, 2011, 17:24
Stats as in STR, INT etc…. No it doesn't, but it does have skills and levels. You earn experience points through doing a number of different things. Normally it is related to your profession or the quest you have undertaken. The higher your level the more abilities in that profession you will have. For example wizards will do more "wizardly" things the higher the level they are. I'm not exactly sure what the abilities are since I just recently started playing and the manual doesn't say.

It's not all about the characters though. It's also about your kingdom. You have four different stats for your kingdom; security, health, culture and knowledge.

They affect what goes on in your kingdom. For example if your secutiry is too low then you'll have thieves and robbers all over the place or if the health is too low then disease might rage through. I'm just telling you what the game said in the tutorial. I haven't experienced any of those things yet.

On top of that you can build buildings to enhance your kingdom. Like a blacksmith, but that blacksmith will require materials in which you'll have to get. For example in the tutorial I had to mine and chop down some trees for some stone and wood resources.

All this talking about it makes me want to go play now to figure out how it all blends together. So far I'm very impressed. They got rid of the annoying bits from The Sims and blended in some rpg/strategy gaming elements to make something rather unique. Granted I've only played a little bit, but what I've seen is impressive especially coming from EA. I got a bone to pick with those guys for Dragon Age 2 and would have liked nothing better than hated this game just to prove that I'm right and their a bunch of idiots

But hey, I'd rather be wrong and have fun than be right and be bored out of my mind.

Edit: I almost forgot about the other nations. You have to deal with them as well. I don't know too much about that portion of the game yet since the tutorial only went over it briefly. Will talk about that more when I learn more about it.
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