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March 28th, 2011, 19:13
I'm into it about 20-25 hours. This is a kingdom sim as much as individual character sims, and what type and how your characters are determines your kingdom's aspects which in turn influences how your characters live. So yeah, it definitely feels like a "monarch rpg" in a way as your burgeoning kingdom grows w/ the development of the kingdom aspects. Each sim lives the fantasy rpg archetype lifestyle as well, and uses new abilities that they acquire as they level up. Lots of crafting, etc has me considering it more of an RPG than some action-rpgs that are considered so without question.

As I mentioned, your kingdom is rated in certain aspects like "security" which develop over time according to what building you place and in turn the heroes you hire. For instance, I unfortunately didnt create a "knight" early on, so my security rating is severely lacking. As such, there's random muggers and criminals all over my kingdom and it can be difficult if not impossible to simply get my sims to their quests, market, etc without facing some gnarly and potentially fatal fights. Using my spy character, I can craft healing potions w/ the herbs she can gather, and that helps (unfortunately after a fight when she's suffering a 'grievous wound' or something of that nature that has her limping around, a potential victim..) I've also leveled my blacksmith a bit w/ his personal quests, so he can make some better weapons and armor, thus helping my cause further. My new knight is very low level at this point, so he cant take on much yet, but I have him training and hopefully will be up to speed soon enough.

The good side to there being a high crime rate is that as my spy lurks around, I can have her rob people without much resistance from the law (a lower rating seems to affect overall enforcement of crime even in relation to sim behavior). If she gets caught and thrown in the stocks, she can pick the lock and escape after a certain number of levels.

Yes, there is magic in the game as well.

SO yeah, i feel it's "RPG enough" for coverage.
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