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March 29th, 2011, 18:12
Honestly, I can live with highlighting. Why? Because it makes sense. It's something that fits perfectly fine into the whole augmented reality concept. For example, in real life, I could really imagine googles that highlight the correct doors in a building for me, because I have never been there. Would make it much easier to find something without having to ask someone. And I surely can see the advantages of having a system that highlights potential threats (in other words: people), toegether with available stats (armed, armor, threat level, name (if known), etc.). All of this can be done with computers (theoretically) and so I personally would like to see it in a cyberpunk game.

BUT (of course there's a but), it should be designed as an InGame system, of course. The basic augmented reality system, for example, could highlight your path, possible obstacles, your coworkers, etc. - but if you want to have something to aid you in combat (for example, analyze the enemies weapons), you would need a military augmented reality system. Hidden doors, for example, should not be highlighted, unless you found out about them before (for example in plans, found by hacking). There are so many nice details you can do with highlighting, but of course, you also can do so much bs with itů

And no, I don't think that highlighting automatically leads to showing you the way the designers want you to take. If designed well, highlighting would show you some rather obvious ways, but would let you search for others yourself. It wouldn't be a problem to explain, for example: "No augumented reality system was built yet to highlight ways a cyberized spy would likely take - for example, jumping over the street and climbing the drain piple - even military augmented reality systems tend to be pretty conservative."
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