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March 29th, 2011, 21:01
Of course it wouldn't highlight all ladders or doors. If would highlight specific ladders and/or doors, if you had to take them to get to the point you marked on your map, for example.

Would it make the game more easy? Not really. It makes the game only as much easier as magic makes a game easier, which is, not at all, if the game is well designed. It's another path, but not a better one. So, the system would prevent you from becoming lost in an office building, but it doesn't automatically show you the safest way around all guards, for example. The basic system, for example, could tell you the most direct route - in other words, the most dangerous one. Upgrades could make the system better, but there could still be ways that the system wouldn't see, so there's still room for the player to explore even better ways. And of course, if one computer program can tell you, what way would be the best one to enter, the enemies could use that program, too, and prepare some nasty suprises for people who trust their computers too much.

So, imho, Augmented Reality could be a really, really cool feature for a game. But honestly, I doubt that it will be one in Human Revolution :-)
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