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March 30th, 2011, 09:04
Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
EA has done this in the past with other Ultima Fan remakes and doesn't mean they are rebooting the series or planning on selling the games again. Many of the other remakes got shutdown while in development like the remake of Ultima I that was being done in a 3d engine.
No they haven't. EA has never gone against any Ultima fan project or remake, nor against any Wing Commander fan project either for that mater. EA's policy in term of fan projects and mods has always been to basically let them be and if anything the Ultima community should be thankful that they are not enforcing their IP like some other publishers do (Ubi Soft comes to mind).

Ultima I was "cancelled" because the guys doing it were hoping to get some for of official recognition and permission from EA, with the obvious hope to make a buck out of it down the road as well. Since of course, EA said they couldn't give them a official sanction, they decided not to bother and mutated it into a non-Ultima related RPG called "Era" which in the end was never released either.

I don't even understand why they went after this one when Ultima IV is freeware and is freely distributable anyways.
But that's the thing: Ultima IV was never freeware. There was speciific permission given the members of the UDIC to redistribute the game and that's it. Ultima IV was never released in public domain, and EA always retained the rights to it.

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