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March 30th, 2011, 11:25
Originally Posted by Sergorn View Post
Ultima I was "cancelled" because the guys doing it were hoping to get some for of official recognition and permission from EA, with the obvious hope to make a buck out of it down the road as well.
We never hoped to "make a buck" out of our Ultima 1 project, but we did hope to use it as a learning process that would allow us to make a living from developing our own CRPGs in the future. At least the "learning" part of that plan went well

We stopped working on the project when we realized (like every other indie crpg developer - ask the AoD team or Frayed Knights etc) that we had greatly underestimated the task and that it would require *a lot* of our heart blood to finish.. and it would simply hurt too much if we actually finished the game, and then EA would ask us to take it down.

Without a formal permission it was just not worth going for it, and this news bit just confirms to me that it was the right decision! The flash U4 in itself was a major accomplishment for the developer, and our project was even more ambitious. I feel really sorry for the guy(s) who did the flash U4.. and I cannot see how it could possibly threaten any future professional EA projects - Ultima related or not.
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