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March 30th, 2011, 13:16
Well, this isn't exactly Pricewatch … But rather the tale about an mistake I think I did …

I ask Okaysoft, who are known to also import games, whether they would import the game "Gods - Lands Of Infinity -Special Edition".

Now I got a reply that they would do so and that they just added it into their games importing database (I guess they did so just because I asked) - which means they would import and sell it.

But their price ! They charge 40 Euros for that game ! - And they mean the U.S. version (that's the version I had asked for, since this "Spcial Edition" is unavailable here in Germany). You can find it there http://www.okaysoft.de/ under "alphabetisch", and then going to the letter of "G" …

Amazon.com, however lists it for a lower price : http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Lands-Inf…1482912&sr=1-1 In Euro, this price is 15,1503 Eurosm, currently … plus shpping fees and customs … I still wonder if the total sum should really be 40 Euros ??? Or are they trying to exploit me ?

I guess I should rather try importing it from Amazon UK, then :

Lesson learned : Importing games is a complex matter …
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