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March 30th, 2011, 23:36
Um… Right, two bugs of mine, can't remember the quests name but:

1. a quest for a merchant hero, you need to bring several meat types to a cook, the third type of meet although you choose the option to give it to the cook, he never gets it, instead he's doing some cooking on the first floor then gets down (probably to sleep or something) then gets back into the cooking loop you can't break by any means.

2. a quest where you need to determine if the ruler is real one or an imposter, I've played it with wizard hero, the ruler (who is actually your 1st hero) goes into woods and never gets out - and you need to give him fake gold (which you created successfully) and ask him a question to check if he's real or an imposter - but you can't interact with him at all since he's stuck in the forest for weeks, yea, I've slept for weeks and he never got out of there

I've solved IIRC 5 quests and in those two I got stuck. That's too big percentage for my taste!
As I've said, I won't continue with the game till the patch 1.2 gets released.

Well, seems I'm not the only one who got the second bug, it's reported at EA forums, and a player found out how to avoid the bug, but it's still a crap since I don't want to make the same choices he did:
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