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March 31st, 2011, 20:42
I just raided the local electronics store and emptied the bargain bin. I bought Dawn of Magic 2, Drakensang and Star Wars: Republic Heroes (to play with Sonny). So far, I'm having fun with all three of them…
Republic Heroes has horrible controls, but you can't die which is good because that way the kid is not frustrated when his toon jumps into the canyon for the umpteenth time.
Drakensang seems to be pretty solid so far, and I like the humor.
I'm also having a lot of fun with Dawn of Magic 2. Wouldn't have paid full price for this one, either, and I have no idea how my gypsy acquired her spiked tail, but that's half the fun - what will your char look like in the end? You never really now…
Translation and voice acting are rather… um… erratic. While a patch fixes the switching between different languages (related to voices), translation is still a little bit off, plus the Goblins speak English. But as this error, at least, is consistent, I filed it under 'species-related skills'.
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