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April 6th, 2011, 16:54
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
For a game due out in a month, I haven't seen any footage with a crowd of people being shown. Every shot has Geralt all alone and they also are all of the old Geralt before the aging. It'd be nice if they'd release something from a current build. I need to look at the trailers again and see if there's some crowd shots.

I'm also curious as to why Geralt looks so much older but Triss looks almost exactly as she did 10 years ago. Do the books say sorcerers are long-lived?
Able to magically control their appearance, yes. However the sequel takes place almost immediately after the events in the first game. The improvement in Geralt's appearance is just that - an improvement, not an attempt to portray additional passage of time.
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