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April 6th, 2011, 17:03
@DeepO Thanks for the links! I hadn't seen these shots.

Okay, that makes sense. Because I sometimes sound much more critical than I really am, I want to say this is a first-day buy for me. I'll probably just pre-order on GoG. That'll give this site a tiny bit of revenue and it stops me from cluttering up my computer room with more boxes Since I own three copies of The Witcher, (US/UK/digital EE) maybe I'll try to keep it to just one this time.

TW2 kinda gives me an Oblivion vibe graphically. It seems to be about that level technically, which is plenty good for me. I've noticed that almost all males are just butt-ugly, including Geralt. Most females are pretty ugly too, except for the sex partners, who are all cute. I very much like the clothing on most of the characters. It looks lived in, which is a nice touch. I will say that the architecture seems a little better than big O, more detail in the objects. Picture 7 seems to show the ending of a group style attack, though that could just be my interpretation. Picture 4 is disturbing-you have a minstrel and a jesture at a hanging

I'm curious as to whether Geralt can jump this time. In TW1, the only time Geralt could jump was in combat. Also, he runs fastest if he has his blade drawn in the fast style mode in that game. It'd be nice if he could run that fast without a weapon in his hand. I always hated playing in town during the day because Geralt ran like he was wearing high-heels.
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