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April 6th, 2011, 22:23
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
When they have Gothic back they own 2 reasonably strong RPG brands. Merging them into one wouldn't make much sense. Two brands allows them to alternate between the two, or slowly cooking one game while the other is in full production, and it gives more safety in case one brand dies.

I just remembered that Deep Silver / Koch Media owns Risen. Another good reason to keep things separated.
This makes sense - but I'd have to wonder if PB would really have the manpower to handle both IPs at the same time.

It'd be a shame if PB gets the Gothic IP back and ends up not using it because they wouldn't have enough manpower to do both Risen and Gothic (and if Kosh Medie ownz Risen, I would assume they'd prefer PB to work on Risen instead of a new Gothic game)

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