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April 7th, 2011, 00:25
Aside from the introduction of a pirate theme in Risen 2, aren't the two franchises too similar (=not very distingishable from eachother) to really warrant one team working on both? Factions (Warrior, Thief and Mage) and game structure (chapters) are already very similar between Gothic I-II and Risen. And for Risen (I) the setting could have been in the World of Gothic. Why produce two similar franchises?

My guess is that going pirate (w. guns) is probably done in anticipation of down the line working (simultaniously with Risen) in the Gothic universe again. This way they'll have one franchise taking place in (a fantasy equivelant of) a later time period (15th-18th century) while Gothic takes place (technologically) in the middle-ages (11th-15th century).
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