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April 7th, 2011, 01:50
Don't all shout "Yes!" at once…the Rampant Coyote (following up on Gareth Fouche) asks if games are moving more towards appeasing that part of the brain that likes passively watching TV:
Gareth Fouche, creator of the Scars of War RPG in development, recently ranted a bit against a trend that may sum up the situation a little better: a trend towards what he calls passive engagement. Itís maybe not quite the same as passive entertainment, like watching a TV show, but more like reading a book. To extend his analogy, a TV show will progress with no action whatsoever on the part of the viewer Ė I can fall asleep in front of the tube if I want. But a book does require active effort on the part of the reader.
So there are levels of passivity, and reading a book isnít really all that passive. Modern games, he contends, are tending to engage the player on more passive levels.
More information.
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