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April 7th, 2011, 10:06
The smart thing to do, would be to hold on to the Gothic brand - and then focus on Risen for the time being.

If anything should happen in the future with their current publisher - or if for some reason Risen doesn't work - they have something great to fall back on. Franchises like Gothic take a LONG time to fade from memory.

Sounds to me like Mike wants a long break from fantasy CRPGs - and possibly the entire open world genre.

This could mean many things, but I hope it just means he wants to do sci-fi RPGs instead or something

If he starts developing Facebook or iPhone "cute apps" - I'm going to have to shoot someone.

In any case, it makes very little sense to develop Risen and Gothic concurrently with their relatively small team. I'd hate for PB to fall into the human/US-favored "size above all trap" and lose creative integrity and the firm hand on their great work.




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