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April 7th, 2011, 11:15
No. We used only tiny bits. When the addon was cancelled, we couldN't use much - we had to start from scratch.
There was supposed to be an add-on? I had no idea. I would've loved an add-on to Gothic.

Oh, yes, and there were the 4 Frineds of the Hero, which were supposed to have a secret meeting later in the game which never occured becauce we had no more time. Other than that (an a coouple of bugs) I'm quite satisfied with our first work.
I figured as much. There's a quest to bring them all together for a secret meeting, yet it never takes place. A shame.

About the development cost. Gothic 1 cost several millions and brought back only a few of them. With Gothic 2 we got that money back and achieved our break-even. With the addon, we actually started to make a bit of money.
Hmm, Gothic actually lost money? Glad they still managed to develop G2 and get the ball rolling. I certainly hope their economy is healthy today.

The Magic barrier was created by 12 magicians, Xardas being one of them! When Xardas left the old camp, there were only 5 Mages left.. So they took Milten as an apprentice, when he was thrown into the prison after the barrier had been created. There is a dialogue in the game where one of the mages gets the numbers wrong. I think it was Saturas… I noticed that error, fixed it and some ex-team member of mine "fixed" it back because he didn't understand the background. There is no missing mage. The guy just messed it up
AHA!! So the mystery has been solved once and for all. There was no 13th magician! Sounds a bit odd that noone noticed the "fix" despite the game being voiced in several languages, especially considering the fact that the English VOs were done after the German ones. Ah well, the important thing is that we do have an answer now: It's a bug, as expected.

As for the whole Gothic vs Risen thing. I agree with the folks that claim they are too similar. The people that bought Gothic are the same people that bought Risen. They'd gain nothing by switching back to Gothic. Of course, they could develop them at the same time, but to what gain? If they actually had two teams working on two different titles, they might as well do something different with the team that's not working on a Risen/Gothic-like game.

Edit: I suppose they could do what Bethesda did with Fallout - let someone else develop it. That's the only option of us seeing Risen and Gothic being kept seperate in my opinion.
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