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April 7th, 2011, 16:59
I am about to start G3 with a mage. However I am a bit confused about this path, especially with the latest CP patch that seems to balance the game. I've read some tips on the internet about this, but they don't say how does the mage change with the the last CP. This balance is supposed to make you play a single type character but I know mages are versatile classes and making a fun and useful one seems a bit hard.

I have not decided yet what to pick beside the usual alchemy + the skinning stuff (for money ofc). I know learn quickly and mana regeneration are a must but giving the fact that the CP changes the stats and world a little bit, are they really necessary to get at low levels or I can just play the game as normal and don;t rush for them? I also read that it;s easier and faster to just spam low level spells that cast high level ones… is it true?
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