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April 8th, 2011, 15:31
Another tale of a "pricewatch" :

A German seller sells Kingmaker (NWN) on Amazon Germany :

Price : 2,99 Euros
Shippong cots : 4,20 Euos

But : There's a note they let it be shipped by Amazon Germany … And Amazon Germany says that since it is an English-language game, it IS NOT checked by the USK … Meaning it can ONLY be shipped o adults - and that there will be a check that the addressee is actually the same one who ordered this game … Plus they'll charge 5 Euros as an additional shipping + checking fee … http://www.amazon.de/gp/help/custome…deId=193965011

Now I wonder : should I really go through all of this trouble or order by Amazon.co.uk directly ?
Right now I tend to this solution …

Bottom line : The problem here in Germany is that NO non-German-language games are EVER checked by the USK … It could be a Pokemon game or a Mario game - if it is imported, then it MUST be sold ONLY to an adult …

This is plin weird. I guess this is an implicite way of blocing overseays games in oroginal languages … I guess no country has a similar thing like this (but who plays games in German language anyway ? I guess no-one does …)
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