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Default [BUG] 2nd Island Guerilla Statue quest

April 9th, 2011, 17:29
So I'm on the 2nd quest for Commandante Bombshell, where you have to get a lever for the Lenin statue and turn it.

I go to the island, hit the lever, I get a notification that there's been "an ambush" (regardless of whether I betray them to the government or not), and I see a bunch of boats go off in an odd direction.

If I follow the boats, they disappear after about 300 meters. Trying to figure out where they were going is no help, all the islands in that direction are deserted.

If I don't follow the boats, the Commandante's camp seems to have disappeared so I can't go and collect my reward from her. The other Guerilla quest-giver tells me I haven't finished Bombshell's quests yet.

Anyone gotten this far? I'm pretty sure it's a translation issue where they're just too vague about what's happening for me to progress.

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