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April 9th, 2011, 23:23
Originally Posted by niahak View Post
Still wish they'd be more straightforward about what actually happened, though.
If you can tell me exactly who gives you the quest with what words and how does the quest states look in the log, I may be able to clear this up in the next Unofficial Patch.

P.S.: I saw you mentioned Commandante Bombshell so she gives you the quest. Her dialogue looks comprehensible to me though. I searched around for some keywords in the mission section and found the following: "Turn the statue in the direction shown by Rudiger and step aside to contact the comandante." Maybe I should replace the "step aside" bit with "return to"? How is the "ambush" line exactly and what should I change it into? I already renamed the key-maker to "locksmith" which is the better title.
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