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April 11th, 2011, 08:11
Having some good old beat-em-down fun w/ Street Fighter 4 on the Xbox.

Playing lots of Sims Medieval too, using lots of familiar names for the toons..

My evil, licentious Jacoban priest, Father Dimmu:

the Knight Geralt training the spy, Imoen :

..and her using her new skills to wipe out some local bandits:

Spy is easily my favorite hero in the game.
-Money isnt a problem as she can threaten people for money, pickpocket, or steal taxes from the collection box. Awesome animations for all of those too.
-She can make a variety of poisons and healing and other such potions
-She's deadly and fast in combat. Can duel, even to the death other sims.
-has various things to level up with and keep her busy: training, practicing on the tactical map, making potions, gathering, stealing, fighting

Her next mission is to assassinate my monarch character, curious to see how that's going to play out..

Overall, I'm really liking the game far more than my other pre-order this year, "Dungeons". Sims Medieval is kinda Zen in a way, it mellows me out. Just cruisin around playing god w/ my little blacksmith/wizard/priest/monarch/spy/knight sim toon's lives in the fantasy ant farm that is their world. I can see the appeal of this sort of game. I couldnt do the modern sim family thing, but having a medieval fantasy setting and having the focus more kingdom-based and quest objective based than family-based is what's making this palatable to me. It's fun, worth every penny so far
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