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April 11th, 2011, 10:06
I've got three games going at the moment:

Drakensang: TRoT
Seems like a solid rpg so far. I'm currently at level 5 with my characters and they are visiting the elven village I must say I think it's fairly hard, especially due to lack of resources (money & healing). I'm *broke* at the moment - not a single ducat to my name! Might post in the Drakensang forum about this… maybe I'm doing something wrong
Weirdly enough I'm having slightly fonder memories about the first game so far. Still enjoying it though.

Uncharted 2
Console action game - but wow, they sure know how to get the pacing, setting, cinematic and gameplay right in this one! As a professional I'm deeply impressed (and a little scared) - and as a gamer as well! Well done, Naughty Dog!

Anvil of Dawn
I always need to have a retro game going, for when I'm tired of fast and flashy graphics and cutscenes. Right now Anvil of Dawn is that game. It's yet another take on the Eye of the Beholder / Lands of Lore games. Classic dungeon crawling for the most part, but (as I understand it) with an open-world like aspect to it as well. Just got out of the first dungeon, so I can't say for sure yet.
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