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Default Chaser perk and targeting worked for a minute!

April 12th, 2011, 23:22
I was flying around Goldin grinding waves of pirates & having fun when a help message popped up I hadn't seen telling me I could use the actions button to match speed with the current target and when it was destroyed the next enemy would be auto-targeted and speed matched. And suddenly I had a little orange reticle on my target and acting as a lead indicator! I pressed the actions button and lo and behold there were four options and the last one (F4) was Chaser! and it worked! Then I blew up the last enemy right in front of me and the game crashed. I was so excited I forgot to save

But is IS in the game. Granted I'm using an old save with 1.1 so my game may be a little buggy but if it happens again I will be sure to save and maybe I can upload the save somewhere for Wesp5 to look at?

I'd love to get this working. It made space combat feel so much better. I'm thinking it was disabled because of the crash I experienced.
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