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April 13th, 2011, 06:53
I'll post some screenshots when I get home.

They're tiles so of course they're not going to impress anyone in this day and age, but they're decent. I don't mind ASCII, but whenever possible I would prefer to use a tileset. It adds a little bit more flavor to the game.

I'd have to finish the game before I thought about a review for it. It's been one of my go to games when I need a break from my Sim Heroes in Sims Medieval, but if I can finish ledgermain I'll put something together for a review of it. A heavily biased review since I adore roguelikes and thought this one added some interesting ways of playing one with more of a story. I absolutely love that I can save my character at an inn. If I get killed while adventuring I restart at the last time I saved at the inn.

It still can be devastating if you've been in a cave for an hour or so and get killed. All that time is gone, but at least you don't have to start all over from the beginning again. That would be very difficult to swallow since the story is one of the appealing parts to the game.
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