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April 15th, 2011, 22:19
4 more questions:

1) Is it possible to board enemy boats? I tried to, but I kept getting a "You need "" to get into the vehicle" or something like that

2) Are grenades useful at all in the game? Their blast radius seems puny.

3) Aren't the guerrillas at war with the government? Seems a bit strange that they'd be holding recruitment drives 20m away from each other.

4) Is there any way to zoom in on the large map?

5) I have Alberto's vase but there's a glitch it seems. My next checkpoint is to get to the coast, and I swim to the coast, but the checkpoint remains there. I don't know how to clear it, and if I run 6km back to Alberto, I can't give him the vase. What gives? --edit-- after some sniffing about, I may have found the solution to this.
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