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April 19th, 2011, 02:08
Originally Posted by badmofo View Post
My pleasure dude, it's just a shame that the dialogs are so shite! I think my next project will be to review and improve them.

I've done the missions and the radio messages (included in Wesp's next patch), but the bland / sometimes incomprehensible dialogs remain the number one enjoyment killer for me.
Hear, hear! Definitely agree with this. It wasn't such a big deal in the first island. I mean it's still laughable, but tolerable. From the second island onwards, dialogue starts to border on annoying, and at times crosses the line with huge amounts of text that are jarring and tedious to decipher.

Now each time I start up the game, I'm really only looking forward to the shooting parts, which are, thankfully, very solid. If the dialogue wasn't so painful to read, and the game had received more polish, WG could have been the Deus Ex of this generation.
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