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April 19th, 2011, 08:11
Originally Posted by Khalus View Post
Oh thank goodness!!! Just cause there are 10s of millions of stupid gamers that can't think for themselves and must have everything pointed out what to do, doesn't mean that we that can think for ourselves must suffer due to their incompetence!

And damn does it look very good…I sure hope nVidia's new Kepler GPUs {due to release 2nd half of 2011} are released before this game, or I'll just have to wait to play it. <I really need a new DX11 GPU!>
Lol stupid kids and teens tried learned me how bad is DA2 during months, it's clear people tend react on automatism and forget think, they can but they don't and react automatically.

That said for you having to react so high either your vanity is quickly hurt either you are a blind fanboy of the game, even before its release!
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