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April 19th, 2011, 10:57
I'm not surprised that people reacted so much about an interface feature that noone has actually experienced in action. Still… if the game is designed with that particular feature in mind, then turning it off might simply be an unnecessary handicap.

People really canceled preorders because of that? (Not that I understand why people preorder games that they can as easily find after they've seen a couple of reviews anyway, but) backing up from it because you see out of context a feature that didn't work well on some other game seems really odd to me.

Originally Posted by Roi Danton View Post
But at least they care about the opinion of the community. That's always a good sign.
I say that's always a bad sign. Taking into account feedback by people who played your game is a great sign - allowing laymen to influence the creation of something they know next to nothing about doesn't sound good to me at all.
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