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April 19th, 2011, 20:50
Originally Posted by holeraw
I say that's always a bad sign. Taking into account feedback by people who played your game is a great sign - allowing laymen to influence the creation of something they know next to nothing about doesn't sound good to me at all.
You are exaggerating; Eidos Montreal is not irrationally bowing down to group pressure. The outcry about the highlighting has its roots in the release of the 9min gameplay showcase, so its not unfounded criticism. The actual influence on the creation is also quite minimal, given the fact that its just an additional option of customization.

The whole issue is typical of the differences in viewpoint between a gamer and a developer. For a gamer the first playthrough is usually the most essential part of the gaming experience, while the developers and beta testers often lose sight of this critical first experience.

The developer always knows how to approach a level, while the gamer still has to discover it on his own, so it's quite understandable the issue hasn't come up before in the offices of Eidos Montreal.
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