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April 21st, 2011, 04:02
So many people complain…bitch that we need games built for PC first and consoles an after thought…PAY FOR YOUR GAMES…and if you have the balls and here things like "I just hope the GoG version doesn't bite them in the arse. My 3 cousins, all brothers, and about 10 others they know are all pooling money together to buy 1 GoG version and they are all going to use that 1 GoG version. I know for a fact that if there was no GoG version, that my 3 cousins would all be buying the game, at the very least that is 2 lost sales for having no DRM. So hopefully they gain 3 sales for every 2 lost for not having DRM" NUT up and say something to them…only we can change things by voicing what is right….if we let things like that slide then we only have ourselfs to blame…
Example…my 7 year old came home from his friends two weeks ago saying they just watched RIO which is a new kids movie that is just came out…Not only did I explain to him why that was not a good thing…but phone his friends parents and explained I what they do I can't change but I don't want my son to watch movies that aren't out for rental yet….
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