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April 21st, 2011, 12:59
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Have you actually tried talking to someone other than a child about this. I have and it's infuriating. Every single one of my coworkers does not pay for games. No one.

I've made the argument with one coworker who loved Dragon Age: Orgins that if he loves it so much then he should pay the people responsible for making the game. It's only right because these games don't appear out of thin air. He thinks it's crazy to pay for it since you can get it for free. Unfortunately, I actually like this guy and his morals are normally pretty centered, but when it comes to games those morals get thrown out the window for some reason.

Another one played GTA: San Andreas for over a year. I had assumed he bought it, but found out he didn't. I was flabbergasted and may have lost my temper (it's been known to happen ). The guy refuses to admit that there is anything wrong with downloading these games. I know I'm a nerd and more invested in this hobby than they are, but come on pay 40 bucks every now and then at least. It's only right. I still can't believe that idiot played GTA: SA for a year and it never occurred to him to go buy a legitimate copy.

I'm no saint and still will download tv shows because I can't get them here. If it's on TV then it is fair game, but I don't download games or movies. I don't have any problems seeing movies over here like I do with the TV shows and games well that hasn't been a problem getting the English version for quite some time. Between my store that imports Australian, Hong Kong, European or even American PC games and companies like Impulse, Steam, GamersGate and GoG I never have to worry about getting a game in English again.

As for music well I went hogwild back in Napster days as well. Back then I figured it was something similar to copying music on my stereo for a friend.
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