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April 21st, 2011, 22:20
Except for the fact that many people actually did believe in magic in the middle ages and before, regardless of its factual existence. When times were particularly dark, people burned witches and sorcerers because it 1) was a convenient way for anyone of getting rid of uncomfortable neighbours 2) kept the peasants in line 3) was a release valve for the fear and ignorance of the masses whenever something bad and unexpected happened. Unfortunately, many a herbalist and scholar suffered the consequences.

Still, inquisitions did not happen all the time, and there are games like Dragon Age where fear of magic was a central theme. I do not see the problem. And oddly enough, even today many people are superstitious and believe in some form of magic. This is more prevalent in rural areas, but also not uncommon in the city. Fortunately, witch-hunting is outlawed today.

If telepathy were real, some people might be elevated in power, but they would probably hide the reason hence the effect would not be easily distinguished from a completely natural combination of ambition and talent.
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