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April 25th, 2011, 22:55
I feel like this topic has been discussed previously here, but I wasn't able to find it. Anyway, I'm largely ignorant about boardgames, while my fiancee seems to generally enjoy them a lot more than video games (discounting the fact that she's played through Plants vs. Zombies on her iPhone four or five times with self-imposed restrictions on what she's allowed to use). I would love hear suggestions for good two person boardgames (even better if the game also works well for additional people).

This should hopefully give a sense of what I'm looking for.
- Replayable

- It's fine if the rules are somewhat complex, but I would like the game to be self-contained. That is, Magic, Warhammer, and D&D are all lots of fun, but are very involved and are each hobbies in their own right, so I'd like to avoid games like that.

- Games involving a good dose of thinking and strategy are preferred. For example, my fiancee enjoys Settlers of Catan quite a bit (I, unfortunately, got tired of it pretty quickly).

- I'm happy with cooperative or competitive games. I can enjoy beating her just as much as I enjoy helping her.

- It would be great if the game was in the $50 range or less, although I'm happy to hear about any other suggestions.

Thank you for your suggestions.
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