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April 26th, 2011, 01:01
Dungeonquest is my favorite boardgame: quickly set up, easy to get into (even my 7-years-old son understood the game mechanics), indirectly competitive (survival is the goal), funny and fast-paced. Suitd for 2 to 8 payers (the rules say 2-4, but 8 are actually a possibility).

I'm talking about the Dungeonquest game of 1987, though (got it with both expansions). No idea if the new version from 2010 is even remotely similar.


Thinking or strategy is just mandatory when playing with certain characters (the game has several, especially with the character expansion set), though. The Warlock, for example, is weak and clumsy and really prone to fall into a hole and die. But with his spells, he's also the one character with the highest odds of surviving with tons of treasure, provided the player figures out how to handle him. For most other characters, surviving is just luck. But the game is still highly entertaining.
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