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April 27th, 2011, 14:59
Originally Posted by Mike View Post
I'm largely ignorant about boardgames, while my fiancee seems to generally enjoy them a lot more than video games
Normally I'm more into video games. Board games may be fun - one evening every 3 or 6 months or so - but they are not as magnetic. Two exceptions:
Twilight Struggle and Agricola. O boy! Capable of competing with *any* RPG, even my all time number 1: Gothic 2.

Originally Posted by Mike View Post
I would love hear suggestions for good two person boardgames (even better if the game also works well for additional people).
Twilight Struggle is for two persons only. Agricola: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 players

Both games are replayable, Agricola takes 60-90 minutes, Twilight Struggle an entire evening.
The rules of Twilight Struggle are very complex, you should take one evening to read them aloud so both can learn them and after that just start playing, you'll figure it out after a while.
Both games, competitive games, require strategic thinking.

I like Settlers of Catan, and Risk, but, really, they're nothing, boring, compared to Agricola and Twilight Struggle.

I've mentioned Twilight Struggle on this forum before, this is what I wrote:
Originally Posted by Omega View Post
I recently discovered a board game called Twilight Struggle. Since then I have played it several times; it's addictive, but it takes a whole evening to finish the game. It's mentally stimulating, challenging, thrilling. The theme, 'cold war', didn't appeal to me, but the strategic thinking involved makes me sweat. (…) Chess, BTW, for some reason or other, has never been my 'thing'.
Twilight Struggle is really amazing. When talking about board games, people usually expect fun light-hearted party games with a large dose of luck, good for a good laugh or two. But board games have evolved, I for sure did not expect the mature intelligent level of games like Twilight Struggle and Agricola when, in 2010, I started looking for something as strategically challenging as Catan or Risk - I found better, much, much, much better.

Don't let your fiancee decline Twilight Struggle because of the cold war theme, I'm a woman too and have no attraction whatsoever to playing boyish bang-bang-you're-dead war games. TS is all about strategy.

Puerto Rico, another replayable, strategy game, is nice too BTW, but should be played with at least 3 players IYAM.

Since my discovery in 2010 me and my guy (a video game addict) have spent several evenings with PCs turned off.
I wish you the same.




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