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April 27th, 2011, 15:25
Originally Posted by hishadow View Post
Gotta suck to have a job that is always project based, but I guess it beats the jobs the rest of us have. Where do you think its worse: movie industry or gaming industry?
Well having worked briefly in the former and having family who have worked in the latter, I would say (without a doubt) gaming! And the reason is simple: game companies are some of the most dysfunctional, poorly run businesses in the world. During my brief tenure at one, I was amazed at the complete Business 101 ineptitude of the company I worked for and the other gaming companies we collaborated with.

On the plus side, game devs seem to have a fairly easy time landing some place new, as real-world game dev experience (i.e., actually participating in a commercial project that ships to retail) is still not too easy to come by. However, there have been more layoffs than normal over the past few years..
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