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April 27th, 2011, 21:27
Originally Posted by figment View Post
Not a good sign. Even healthy project based companies dont like to release employees like this.
What makes these layoffs odd is that New Vegas was an unbridled success, outselling Fallout3; I read it sold 5 million units in the first month. Even with the Alpha Protocol flop, you would think Obsidian would have enough working capital to avoid these layoffs.

Originally Posted by figment View Post
I encountered no issues with Alpha Protocol or Fallout NV
Well, lucky you! Obsidian has a habit of releasing buggy, albeit great, games.
Many, including myself, have had constant crashes to desktop since the games release.
Personally, I cannot play New Vegas for 30 minutes without a CTD… on both Win7-64b and WinXP-32b PCs, although XP seems slightly more stable. This is frustrating because I love the game. I should note that I haven’t had a chance to try the latest 1.3 patch, but early reports are not good.
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