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April 28th, 2011, 17:01
I'm thinking about getting Gothic 2 from GOG as it's on sale this week.

Their version comes with NotR, which I understand makes the difficulty much higher. A few years ago I tried out G2 with NotR briefly, but eventually quit after finding the controls so frustrating, and death so frequent and sudden.

Does anyone know if in the GOG version I can tweak the ini file to enable quick saves and quick potions? I read about this possibility somewhere, but want to know if I can do it in the GOG download.

Also, are there any mods or other tweaks that make the game a little easier? Like more HPs at level-up, or quicker leveling, or anything like that? It's a game I want to try again, but I don't have the time or patience to play if it is so frustrating and difficult. I don't need to be god-like but I also do not want to hear lectures about how I SHOULD play the game, or how it's SUPPOSED to be. Thanks.

Thanks for any insight or help you can offer.
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